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Magnetohydrodynamic Mode Identification for Golem Mirnov Coil Signals Using Singular Value Decomposition and Multichannel Variational Mode Decomposition Method for Analyzing Time–Frequency


In this paper, we have investigated the method to study non-stationary signal characteristics in plasma tokamak using the combination of Multichannel Variational Mode Decomposition (MVMD) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). We have applied this technique directly without any signal preprocessing techniques over the Mirnov coil signals to analyze the magnetic fluctuations produced by the rotating magnetic fields of the plasma in tokamaks. Extraction of Principal axes (PA) and Principal Components (PC) of multichannel Mirnov coil signals are through the singular value decomposition technique. The Multichannel variational mode decomposition technique is provided with a PC matrix to identify the dominant harmonics as K-modes. Finally, the Time–frequency analysis is carried out using Hilbert Transform (HT). The proposed technique handles multichannel Mirnov coil signals in parallel to frequency identification, and also to understand the poloidal structure during current perturbation. Artificially simulated data and Mirnov coil signals from Golem Tokamak aided in testing the proposed technique. In Golem data during the present rise phase, transition happens in the current perturbation from m = 4, poloidal structures to m = 3, and m = 2. The simulated data and Golem tokamak data generated the results of the proposed model. The article also compared this with other existing signal decomposition techniques.

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The authors would like to thank Golem Tokamak team. Authors expresses their special thanks to Dr.V. Svoboda for providing access to Golem Tokamak shot database

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  • Magnetohydrodynamic mode identification
  • Golem tokomak
  • Singular value decomposition
  • Multichannel variational mode decomposition
  • Time–frequency