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Experimental Results of Core Ion Temperature and Neutral Density Measurements on ADITYA Tokamak using Four Channels Neutral Particle Analyzer

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Journal of Fusion Energy Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Core-ion temperature measurements are based on resolving the energy components and the analysis of fast neutrals coming out of the magnetic confinement of plasma. ADITYA-tokamak (R/a = 75 cm/25 cm) uses Neutral Particle Analyzer (NPA) based charge exchange diagnostic system for measurement of the core ion-temperature in the range of 100–300 eV of Aditya plasma. Several ohmic plasma discharges are investigated for the Aditya tokamak, which provides an estimate of core ion-temperature (Ti0) evaluation with time and its comparison with the core electron-temperature (Te0). The analysis shows the ratio of Ti0/Te0 is typically in the rage of 30%–40%. Attempts have been made to estimate the neutral hydrogen (nH°) density in the core regime and its evolution with time using a simple approach. The core neutral densities estimated in the order of 108–109 cm−3 for ohmic discharges in ADITYA-tokamak. Effect of the ion cyclotron radio frequency heating (ICRH) on the experimental charge-exchange spectrum is also observed, which shows a typical increase of the perpendicular ion temperature (Ti⊥) by ~ 50 eV.

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Authors are very grateful to the following team members and divisions of Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Gandhinagar viz. members of ADITYA tokamak operation division, vacuum division, electronics & DAQ division and diagnostics division for their constant help and co-operation during the commissioning of the CX-NPA, conducting experiments and sharing diagnostics measurements. We would like to extend our thank Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni, Mr. Hiralal M. Jadav and ICRH-team for providing the information on the ICRH operations and pulse-parameters, Mr. Y. Shankara Joisa, Mr. Jayesh V. Raval and Dr. Parveen Kumar Atrey, Mr. Umesh Nagora for providing us with the electron-temperature data and plasma density respectively. We express our special thanks to Dr. Joydeep Ghosh for encouragement and useful suggestions.

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