Journal of Fusion Energy

, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp 182–198 | Cite as

Magnetized Plasma Target for Plasma-Jet-Driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion

  • Scott C. HsuEmail author
  • Samuel J. Langendorf
Original Research


We identify the desired characteristics and parameters of a \(\beta > 1\) magnetized plasma, possibly with highly tangled, open field lines, that could be a suitable target to be compressed to fusion conditions by a spherically imploding plasma liner (Hsu et al. in IEEE Trans Plasma Sci 40:1287, 2012) formed by merging hypersonic plasma jets. This concept is known as plasma-jet-driven magneto-inertial fusion (PJMIF). We set requirements on the target and liner such that (a) compressional heating dominates over thermal transport in the target, and (b) magnetic amplification due to compression dominates over dissipation over the entire implosion. We also evaluate the requirements to avoid drift-instability-induced anomalous transport and current-driven anomalous resistivity in the target. Next, we describe possible approaches to create such a magnetized, \(\beta >1\) plasma target. Finally, assuming such a target can be created, we evaluate the feasibility of a proof-of-concept experiment using presently achievable plasma jets to demonstrate target compressional heating at a plasma-liner kinetic energy of \(\,\lesssim\, \,100\,{\text{kJ}}\) (a few hundred times below that needed in a PJMIF reactor).


Plasma liners Plasma jets Magneto-inertial fusion 



We thank Y.C.F. Thio, I. Golovkin, X.-Z. Tang, and D. Ryutov for discussions and advice, and one of the anonymous referees for pointing out the possible relevance of the more pessimistic Rechester & Rosenbluth transport scaling in a stochastic magnetic field (compared to the Ryutov scaling).


Funding was provided by the U.S. Department of Energy under contract no. DE-AC52-06NA25396).


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