The Journal of Ethics

, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp 197–211 | Cite as

Time, Value, and Collective Immortality

  • Michael Cholbi


Samuel Scheffler has recently defended what he calls the ‘afterlife conjecture’, the claim that many of our evaluative attitudes and practices rest on the assumption that human beings will continue to exist after we die. Scheffler contends that our endorsement of this claim reveals that our evaluative orientation has four features: non-experientialism, non-consequentialism, ‘conservatism,’ and future orientation. Here I argue that the connection between the afterlife conjecture and these four features is not as tight as Scheffler seems to suppose. In fact, those with an evaluative orientation that rejects these four features have equally strong moral reasons to endorse the existence of the collective afterlife.


Immortality Value Time Morality Impersonal versus personal values 


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  1. 1.California State Polytechnic University, PomonaPomonaUSA

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