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Estimation of the Maximum Output of the Process of Rectification of a Continuous Mixture with Regard for the Irreversibility of the Heat and Mass Transfer in It

The problem on estimation of the maximum production rate of a cascade of rectification columns, in which a continuous mixture is separated into fractions at their boiling points, and of the corresponding amount of heat expended in the rectification process is considered. A method is proposed for determining the order of separating a continuous mixture in such a cascade, minimizing the total heat losses in it, in the case where the temperatures in the dephlegmator and boiler of its columns are close to the boiling temperatures of the interfacial mixture fractions.

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Translated from Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 93, No. 2, pp. 274–282, March–April, 2020.

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Balunov, A.I., Tsirlin, A.M. Estimation of the Maximum Output of the Process of Rectification of a Continuous Mixture with Regard for the Irreversibility of the Heat and Mass Transfer in It. J Eng Phys Thermophy 93, 261–270 (2020).

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  • continuous mixture
  • rectification
  • thermodynamic optimization
  • entropy production
  • realizable regimes