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Letter from the Editor

This is the last issue of the Journal of Chemical Ecology for which I have responsibility. Gary Felton of Pennsylvania State University begins as Editor-in-Chief with the February issue. He and I have compiled this issue together. Gary brings breadth, leadership, and experience to the Journal, as well as a commitment to keeping our standards high and continuing to raise our profile in the competitive publishing arena. I am pleased and confident that the Journal is in good hands.

This issue contains a guest Editorial written by a group of researchers at a recent workshop held in Bangalore, India. Essentially, it is a reminder of the Gothenburg resolution published some 27 years ago, and an appeal to established chemical ecologists around the world to look toward the developing world, particularly to areas of biodiversity. China, India, and Brazil now are among the top five contributors of submissions to the Journal and are destined to become increasingly important in coming years. It seems appropriate to showcase these ideas again in the Journal.

Having been associated with Editing the Journal for 20 years, first as co-editor with Jim Nation and David Jones, and then as Editor-in-Chief with a team of 16 different Associate Editors over the years, it is with some relief and a little melancholy that I sign off. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve.

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