New bounds for locally irregular chromatic index of bipartite and subcubic graphs


A graph is locally irregular if the neighbors of every vertex v have degrees distinct from the degree of v. A locally irregular edge-coloring of a graph G is an (improper) edge-coloring such that the graph induced on the edges of any color class is locally irregular. It is conjectured that three colors suffice for a locally irregular edge-coloring. In the paper, we develop a method using which we prove four colors are enough for a locally irregular edge-coloring of any subcubic graph admiting such a coloring. We believe that our method can be further extended to prove the tight bound of three colors for such graphs. Furthermore, using a combination of existing results, we present an improvement of the bounds for bipartite graphs and general graphs, setting the best upper bounds to 7 and 220, respectively.

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Borut Lužar was partly supported by the Slovenian Research Agency Program P1–0383 and by the National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic. Jakub Przybyło was supported by the National Science Centre, Poland, Grant No. 2014/13/B/ST1/01855 and partly supported by the Faculty of Applied Mathematics AGH UST statutory tasks within subsidy of Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Roman Soták was supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the Contract No. APVV–15–0116 and by the Slovak VEGA Grant 1/0368/16.

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Lužar, B., Przybyło, J. & Soták, R. New bounds for locally irregular chromatic index of bipartite and subcubic graphs. J Comb Optim 36, 1425–1438 (2018).

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  • Locally irregular graph
  • Locally irregular edge-coloring
  • Bipartite graph
  • Subcubic graph