Preparation and Enhanced Photo-/Electro-Catalytic Activities of Polypyrrole Coating [CuMo12O40]6− POM Based MOF Composite


A new polyoxometalates (POMs) based hybrid compound with helical chains, H4[Cu2(bpe)3](CuMo12O40) (Cu2CuMo12) (bpe = bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene), was synthesized by the reaction of Cu(NO3)2 (NH4)6Mo7O24 and bpe, and characterized by elemental analyses, IR, PXRD and X-ray single crystal diffraction, in which the Keggin-type [CuMo12O40]6− polyoxoanion was fabricated in suit. Moreover, to improve the photo-/electo-catalytic activities, the polypyrrole (PPy) coating Cu2CuMo12 composites (Cu2CuMo12/PPy-n) have been prepared and exhibited excellent photo- and electro-catalytic activities. More specifically, the photocatalytic decomposition rate of methylene blue (MB) using the Cu2CuMo12/PPy-2 as catalyst is 93.1% under the visible light, which is much larger than that of Cu2CuMo12 (13.1%). The electrochemical properties of Cu2CuMo12/PPy-2 exhibit similar redox behavior to the Cu2CuMo12, involving two-, four- and six-electron-reduced species for the reduction of nitrite.

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  • Polyoxometalates
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  • Electrocatalytic activity
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