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Photocatalytic Oxidation Based on Modified Titanium Dioxide with Reduced Graphene Oxide and CdSe/CdS as Nanohybrid Materials

  • Farnaz Hosseini
  • Sajjad MohebbiEmail author
Original Paper


Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles in the visible light region was enhanced. TiO2–CdSe and TiO2–CdSe/CdS nanohybrids were supported on the reduced graphene oxide. These nanohybrid materials were applied as photocatalyst toward oxidation of aromatic alcohols under a mild condition and the molecular oxygen as oxidant. A plausible mechanism for the photocatalytic oxidation was also proposed. Desired nanohybrids were obtained via in situ fixation of CdSe/CdS on the surface of nanosheets of reduced graphene oxide (rGO). Finally, it was modified by TiO2 sol nanoparticles through a hydrothermal method. The obtained nanomaterials, were characterized by SEM, TEM imaging, XRD, EDAX, DRS and XPS analyses. The size of nanohybrids materials were distributed mostly in a narrow range of 50–65 and 60–75 nm for TiO2–rGO–CdSe and TiO2–rGO–CdSe/CdS, respectively. These photocatalysts showed high catalytic activity under visible light irradiation in a short reaction time and even higher selectivity rather than UV irradiation. The yield of catalytic oxidation increased at least 25–30% for TiO2–CdSe/CdS on rGO, which could be related to its higher light sensitivity and lower energy band gap. The photocatalysts were recycled and reused 8 times without significant loss of their activities due to their stability under visible light.


Photooxidation Hydrothermal synthesis Nanostructures Catalysis Oxidation 



The financial support rendered by the University of Kurdistan is gratefully acknowledged. We also would like to thank Dr. Mehdi Irani for his theoretical calculations and Dr. Elham Safaei for her advice.

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