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, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp 2005–2015 | Cite as

Two Novel Two-Dimensional Lanthanide (III) Coordination Polymers Constructed from Isonicotinic Acid and Iminodiacetic Acid: Synthesis, Structure, and Luminescence Properties

  • Wei Xu
  • Chang-Juan Zhang
  • Hua Wang
  • Yi Wang
Original Paper


Two novel two-dimensional Ln coordination polymers (CPs) [Ln33-OH)(IN)3(HIDA) (IDA)2]n (Ln = Eu, 1; Sm, 2; HIN = isonicotinic acid, and H2IDA = iminodiacetic acid) have been successfully synthesized under solvothermal conditions and characterized by IR, TG, and elemental analyses. The structures of 1 and 2 were determined by single-crystal X-ray structural analysis, which shows that LnIII ions interconnect through HIN and H2IDA molecules to generate a 1D chain, and the adjacent chains are joined together by the same form to form the 2D zonary plane of 1 and 2. Meanwhile, We also studied luminescence properties of 1 and 2. The luminescence lifetime and quantum yield of 1 are 1.32 ms and 25.30%, which are significantly longer and higher than the values obtained for reported Eu3+ coordination polymers in the solid state at room temperature.

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Ln MOFs Luminescence lifetime and quantum yield H2IDA HIN 

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  1. 1.School of Environmental and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Taizhou Institute of Science and TechnologyNUSTTaizhouChina

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