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Table 1 Samples included in study, from individuals confirmed to have PAD or healthy controls

From: A Novel Point-of-Care Rapid Diagnostic Test for Screening Individuals for Antibody Deficiencies

Diagnosis Not receiving treatment for PID Receiving treatment for PID
Number of individuals Age range Number of individuals Age range
AG 19 20 days–11.5 years 8 1 month–13 years
CVID 24 9 months*–50 years 16 15 months*–54 years
HIGM 14 11 months–38 years 5 5 months–3 years
Healthy control 32 3 months–14 years n/a n/a
  1. AG agammaglobulinemia; CVID common variable immunodeficiency; HIGM hyper-IgM syndrome; n/a not applicable
  2. *For CVID patients under 4 years, diagnosis was first suspected and then confirmed through follow-up