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Table 2 Principal component Analysis PCA results, variable and its loading factors

From: Aerosol removal coefficients based on 7Be, 210Pb, and 210Po radionuclides in the urban atmosphere

winter Principal Components : variable (loading factors)
0.247 PC1 C(0.80); H(0.93); S(-0.92)
0.173 PC2 PR(0.84);
0.152 PC3 T(0.81); D(0.91)
0.197 PC4 R(0.77); P(0.94);
0.112 PC5 V(0.87)
0.881 Sum  
0.255 PC1 R(-0.76); C(-0.74); H(-0.90); S(0.88)
0.175 PC2 D(0.89)
0.144 PC3 PR(-0.92); V(0.72)
0.143 PC4 P(0.87); T(-0.55)
0.717 Sum