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Crystal Growth of A3A′MO6 Oxides

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Single crystals of two new oxides, Sr3LiNbO6 and Sr3LiTaO6, and the analogous antimonates, Ba3NaSbO6, Sr3NaSbO6 and Sr3LiSbO6, were grown out of hydroxide melts contained in silver/alumina crucibles. The crystal structures of all five oxides are isotypic with that of the 2H-hexagonal perovskite related A3A′MO6 family of oxides and consist of one-dimensional chains of face-shared MO6 octahedra and A′O6 trigonal prisms; infinite chains of distorted AO8 square antiprisms separate these chains from one another.

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Two new oxides, Sr3LiMO6 (M = Nb, Ta) and analogous Sr3NaSbO6, Sr3LiSbO6 and Ba3NaSbO6, isostructural with the 2-H hexagonal perovskite related structure type, were synthesized from hydroxide fluxes.


A3A′BO6 2-H hexagonal perovskite-related structure Hydroxide flux 



Financial support from the National Science Foundation through grant DMR: 0804209 is gratefully acknowledged.


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