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Double-diffusion convective biomimetic flow of nanofluid in a complex divergent porous wavy medium under magnetic effects


We explore the physical influence of magnetic field on double-diffusive convection in complex biomimetic (peristaltic) propulsion of nanofluid through a two-dimensional divergent channel. Additionally, porosity effects along with rheological properties of the fluid are also retained in the analysis. The mathematical model is developed by equations of continuity, momentum, energy, and mass concentration. First, scaling analysis is introduced to simplify the rheological equations in the wave frame of reference and then get the final form of equations after applying the low Reynolds number and lubrication approach. The obtained equations are solved analytically by using integration method. Physical interpretation of velocity, pressure gradient, pumping phenomena, trapping phenomena, heat, and mass transfer mechanisms are discussed in detail under magnetic and porous environment. The magnitude of velocity profile is reduced by increasing Grashof parameter. The bolus circulations disappeared from trapping phenomena for larger strength of magnetic and porosity medium. The magnitude of temperature profile and mass concentration are increasing by enhancing the Brownian motion parameter. This study can be productive in manufacturing non-uniform and divergent shapes of micro-lab-chip devices for thermal engineering, industrial, and medical technologies.

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The authors received funding from the Researchers Supporting Project (RSP-2021/58), the King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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