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Exciton transfer between LH1 antenna complex and photosynthetic reaction center dimer


The exciton transfer between light-harvesting complex 1(LH1) and photosynthetic reaction center dimer is investigated theoretically. We assume a ring shape structure of the LH1 complex with dimer in the ring centre. The kinetic equations which describe the energy transfer between the antenna complex and reaction center dimer were derived. It was shown that the dimer does not act as a photon trap. There is a weak localization of the exciton on the dimer and there is relatively rapid back exciton transfer from dimer to antenna complex which depends on the number of the pigment molecules in the antenna ring. The relation between the rates of the exciton transfer from the antenna complex to dimer and back transfer from dimer to antenna complex has been derived.

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The work was partially funded by the Slovak Grant Agency for Science VEGA under the grant number VEGA 2/0009/19. We thank E. Bartoš from IP SAS for helpful discussion and manuscript review.


This study was funded by the grant VEGA 2/0009/19 from the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

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  • Transport of energy
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