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Investigation of cellular morphology and proliferation on patterned electrospun PLA-gelatin mats


The morphology and proliferation of eukaryotic cells depend on their microenvironment. When electrospun mats are used as tissue engineering scaffolds, the local alignment of the fibers has a pronounced influence on cells. Here we analyzed the morphology of the patterned mats produced by electrospinning of PLA-gelatin blend onto a conductive grid. We investigated the cellular morphology and proliferation of two cell lines (keratinocytes HaCaT and fibroblasts NIH 3T3) on the patterned mats. The non-patterned mats of the same chemical composition were used as control ones. The HaCaT cells predominantly grew on convex areas of the patterned mats along with increasing their nucleus area and decreasing cell area. The 3T3 cells had a lower proliferative rate when grown on the patterned mats. The results can be valuable for further development of the procedures, which allow the patterned electrospun mats development as well as for the investigation of cell-substrate interactions.

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This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation, projects №17-75-30064 (experiments with the PLA-gelatin mats) and №19-74-00037 (experiments with the PLA-BSA mats).

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  • Electrospinning
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  • Polylactide
  • Cell morphology
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