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GaSb/Mn multilayers structures fabricated by DC magnetron sputtering: Interface feature and nano-scale surface topography


The multilayer structure is a well-studied architecture for electronic and optoelectronic applications and more recently in spintronic devices. In this work, we present the structural, morphological, topographical, and magnetic properties of GaSb/Mn multilayers deposited via DC magnetron sputtering at room temperature and 423 K. Raman measurements evidence the formation of p-type GaSb layers with a contribution of electrons in the multilayer due to the neighboring Mn layer and the formation of effective interlayers. HR-SEM measurements show the multilayer architecture with columnar microstructure in the layer’s formation, while AFM micrographs allowed observing the changes in grain sizes (between 129 and 187 nm) and roughness (between 1.47 nm and 6.28 nm) with increasing number of layers. The formation of the interlayers between the GaSb and Mn layer was assayed in-depth spectroscopically via Rutherford backscattering studies. These interlayers were associated with diffusion processes during deposition and contributed to the magnetic behavior of multilayers. A ferromagnetic-like behavior was observed in the multilayers.

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This work was supported by Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Jorge A. Calderón, scholarship of Doctorados Colciencias Conv. 785—2017. We acknowledge the service from the MiNa Laboratory at IMN, and funding from CM, MINECO and EU (FEDER, FSE).


This article was funded by Universidad Nacional de Colombia,MinCiencias,Con. 785,Jorge A. Calderón,MiNa Laboratory at IMN,CM,Miguel Manso Silván,MINECO,Miguel Manso Silván,EU (FEDER,Miguel Manso Silván,FSE), and Miguel Manso Silván.

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