Semitransparent CdTe solar cell with over 70% near-infrared transmittance


CdTe solar cell is a promising alternative to conventional silicon solar cells and it is quite potential to be utilized as a top sub-cell for tandem solar cells to improve the power conversion efficiency of the existing single-junction devices, whose efficiency has been approaching their practical efficiency limit. Thus, the research and development of semitransparent CdTe solar cells are urgently required. In this work, semitransparent CdTe solar cells were prepared by utilizing 900-nm-thick ultrathin CdTe absorber and CuCl/ITO transparent back contacts. The ultrathin CdTe in the present work was prepared by magnetron sputtering and the effects of substrate temperature and deposition ambient were extensively investigated. CdTe thin films with minimal dislocation density and lowest internal strain were fabricated at a substrate temperature of 235 °C with pure Ar atmosphere. The improved optical–electrical properties of CdTe absorber were then contributing on device performance, and as a result, we successfully fabricated a semitransparent CdTe solar cell with an optimal efficiency of 8.60%. It is worth noting that the transmittance around 1000 nm in the near-infrared region (NIR) is over 70%, which is the highest value among the as-reported semitransparent CdTe solar cells. The present work paves a way to optimize the performance and improve the optical transmittance of semitransparent CdTe solar cells so that it strongly supports their potential applications in bifacial and/or tandem configurations, building integrated photovoltaics, and so on.

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This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61704115), the Major Science and Technology Projects of Sichuan Province (Grant No. 2019ZDZX0015), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (No. YJ201722).We would like to thank Dr. Yingming Zhu, from the Institute of New Energy and Low-Carbon Technology, Sichuan University, for SEM images capturing and analysis.

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