Soft magnetic properties of Co–Ni–Fe–Gd/Cu electrodeposited thin film


In this study, Co–Ni–Fe–Gd alloy thin films were coated on the copper substrate with a deposition time of 30 min at room temperature and pH 7. Composition, surface morphology and magnetic behavior of electrodeposited Co–Ni–Fe–Gd/Cu thin film are investigated in comparison with Co–Ni–Gd/Cu and Co–Fe–Gd/Cu thin film. Co–Ni-Gd/Cu thin film is the source of the smallest particle size and soft ferromagnetism with low coercivity. The spherical morphology of the deposited thin films were explored with scanning electron microscope (SEM) and the particle size is found to be smallest for Co–Ni–Gd/Cu thin film. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy validated the functional group and substitution of metal ions in the thin films. X-ray diffraction and EDAX spectrum confirm the structure and composition of metal ions.

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