Tuning microwave absorption properties of melt-spun FeSiCo alloys based on the addition of rare earth Sm


The effects of Sm-doped on microwave absorption properties of melt-spun FeSiCo alloys were studied in this paper. The composite alloys were characterized by XRD, SEM, VSM, and vector network analysers (VNA). The phase identification shows that only α-Fe(Co) phase was observed for all samples. SEM images have revealed that the morphology of all powders were flaky shape with different particle size. The values of saturation magnetization (Ms) and coercivity (Hc) increased with the increase of Sm-doping content. In addition, the minimal reflection loss ((RL)min) is − 7.96 dB at 1.7 GHz with the thickness of 3 mm for Sm1Fe79Si10Co10 sample. The results reveal that the addition of Sm can improve the microwave absorption property of FeSiCo alloys.

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The authors acknowledge the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11974188 and 11304159) and the Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. BK20161512).

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