Novel red-emitting BaGeTeO6:Sm3+ phosphors with high color purity for NUV excited with white LEDs


Sm3+ ions activated BaGeTeO6 phosphors were firstly produced through a method of solid-state synthesis at high temperatures. X-ray diffraction pointed out the pure phase of BaGeTeO6 phosphors. Photoluminescence spectrum of BaGeTeO6:Sm3+ phosphor showed the strong red emission at 647 nm under 404 nm excitation, while the associated absorption peaks were in the near-ultraviolet area. The optimal doped concentration of BaGeTeO6:Sm3+ phosphor was found at 10 mol%. The Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage coordinates of BaGeTeO6:0.10Sm3+ were calculated to be (0.624, 0.375) and the color purity as high as 99.8%. White light-emitting diodes have been fabricated based on the InGaN chip with high color rendering index (CRI, Ra = 90) and good correlated color temperature (CCT = 5396 K). Therefore, Sm3+-doped BaGeTeO6 phosphors have potential application in the illumination field.

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The work was supported by Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province (Grant Nos. 2018JM4028, 2019JM545), the Project of the Collaborative Innovation Centre of Shaanxi in China (QBXT-Z(P)-18-2).

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