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Light sensitivity and electrical properties of two-dimensional nanoleaf CuO/ITO thin films


Leaf-like copper oxide (CuO)/ITO thin film was prepared by chemical bath deposition technique. Two-dimensional nature of the heterojunction thin film is due to the result of interface between ITO and CuO thin film. The structure, surface morphology, chemical composition, and optical properties of the thin film have been studied using XRD, FESEM, EDX, UV–Vis spectrophotometry. The vibration spectrum of the thin film was studied using FTIR spectrometer and the thin film was subjected to the Hall effect measurement. I–V measurements were performed under the illumination of a tungsten halogen lamp and measured parameters such as open circuit voltage, short circuit current density and fill factor. The electrical conductivity, current density-voltage characteristic, and conversion efficiency (3.097%) of CuO/ITO nanoleaves are high compared to the CuO film and may apply numerous applications in solar cell devices.

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