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Parameter extraction of gate tunneling current in metal–insulator–semiconductor capacitors based on ultra-thin atomic-layer deposited Al2O3


Metal–insulator–semiconductor devices were fabricated using ultra-thin (6 nm) atomic layer deposited Al2O3. From Ig–Vg measurements, it was determined that the main conduction mechanisms for these devices are Ohmic conduction at very low electric fields (E < 2 MV cm−1) followed by Poole–Frenkel emission at medium electric fields (E > 2 MV cm−1) and finally, just before breakdown, Fowler–Nordheim (E > 5 MV cm−1). From the accurate verification of these conduction mechanisms, physical parameters such as barrier height (ΦB), effective mass (m*) and energy trap level (ΦT) are extracted and could be used to effectively understand the performance and reliability of these devices under different substrate injection conditions.

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This work was fully supported by the Mexican Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT-Mexico).

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