Anomalous Hall effect in Co x Si1−x granular films deposited by magnetron co-sputtering

  • A. M. Su
  • L. S. Wang
  • Q. F. Zhang
  • J. Xie
  • Q. Luo
  • D. L. Peng


In this research, Co x Si1−x granular films with Co volume fraction (x) varying from 0.36 to 1 were prepared by using a magnetron co-sputtering method. The influence of x on the temperature-dependent longitudinal resistivity (\({\rho _{xx}}\)) and anomalous Hall effect (AHE) in Co x Si1−x granular films were systematically studied. The dependence of \({\rho _{xx}}\) on measuring temperature could be explained by the superposition of fluctuation-induced tunneling (FIT) process and temperature-dependent scattering. Interestingly, the contribution from scattering and FIT can be distinguished. The saturated Hall resistivity (\(\rho _{{xy}}^{A}\)) increased monotonically with decreasing x. In addition, the \(\rho _{{xy}}^{A}\) amplified nearly 26-fold as x decreased from 1 to 0.4. For the pure Co film (x = 1), the intrinsic and side jump mechanisms dominated the Hall transport. However, the deviation of classical scaling relation was observed in other samples, which was mainly ascribed to the influence of interfacial scattering.



This work was partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 51571167, 51771157 and 51371154), the National Key R&D Program of China (Grant No. 2016YFA020604).


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  1. 1.Department of Materials Science and Engineering, College of MaterialsXiamen UniversityXiamenPeople’s Republic of China

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