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Physical and electrical characterization of yttrium-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) thin films deposited by sputtering and atomic-layer deposition


The physical, chemical, and electrical characteristics of intercalated nano-layers of Y2O3 and ZrO2, sequentially deposited by sputtering and thermal atomic-layer deposition (ALD), are reported in order to assess their use as electronic and/or ionic conductor. In general, the physical and chemical properties of sputtered and ALD-YSZ show good characteristics while a relatively high dielectric constant of about 30, along with a large capacitance–voltage hysteresis, are obtained for ALD-YSZ. Additionally, using inert or reactive metals as gate electrodes on YSZ/n-Si structures, promotes a change in the conduction of electronic and ionic species of YSZ and their influence is also reported.

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J. Molina thanks the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt-Mexico). This work was also funded by DGAPA-UNAM IT100314, IN107715, IN105114, and Space Charge LLC (USA).

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