Solid-state reaction synthesis of β-NaREF4: Yb3+, Er3+ (RE = Y, Lu, La, Gd) phosphors and the upconversion luminescence property under 1550 nm excitation

  • Hongwei Liu
  • Xiyan Zhang
  • Nengli Wang
  • Zhaohui Bai
  • Xing Gao
  • Liping Lu
  • Quansheng Liu
  • Xiaoyun Mi
  • Haiying Sun
  • Xiaochun Wang


Well-crystallized NaREF4: Yb3+, Er3+ (RE = Y, Lu, La, Gd) phosphors were synthesized by a solid-state reaction method. X-ray diffraction characterization showed that the synthesized samples were all pure hexagonal phase after a calcination process on the as-prepared precursors at 550 °C for 2 h by using Na2CO3 as a fluxing agent. Upconversion spectral analysis showed that under a 1550 nm laser diode excitation, the samples emitted dominant green emission centered at 540 nm and red emission centered at 654 nm, which corresponded to the 2H11/2/4S3/24I15/2 and 4F9/24I15/2 transition of Er3+ ions, respectively. Color-tunable upconversion luminescence was realized by the variation of Yb3+/Er3+ doping concentration and the types of the host materials, indicating the synthesized hexagonal Yb3+ and Er3+ co-doped NaREF4 phosphors potential applications in many fields, especially in biological imaging and detection.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 61307118, 50472027).


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  • Xiyan Zhang
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  • Nengli Wang
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  • Zhaohui Bai
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  • Xing Gao
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  • Liping Lu
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  • Quansheng Liu
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  • Xiaoyun Mi
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  • Haiying Sun
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  • Xiaochun Wang
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  1. 1.School of Materials Science and EngineeringChangchun University of Science and TechnologyChangchunChina

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