Synthesis of 3D porous flower-like NiO/Ni6MnO8 composites for supercapacitor with enhanced performance

  • Junjie Zhang
  • Ruirui Hu
  • Peng Dai
  • Zhiman Bai
  • Xinxin Yu
  • Mingzai Wu
  • Guang Li


Supercapacitors (SCs) have shown great potential to be used as power sources to drive microelectronic devices. However, most of present SCs employing carbon-based materials show low energy density due to the low specific capacitance of carbon-based materials. As a result, their application potential in power sources is greatly limited. In this work, 3D porous flower-like NiO/Ni6MnO8 composite were synthesized as novel pseudocapacitive electrode materials for SCs. The composite shows high electrode/electrolyte contact surface, short path length for electronic transport, and convenient diffusion paths for ionic transport. Therefore, the mesoporous structures can effectively facilitate ion/electron transfer inside the block of electrodes and at the electrode/electrolyte interface. The novel NiO/Ni6MnO8 pseudocapacitive electrode materials exhibit enhanced specific capacitance as high as 433 F g−1 at 1 A g−1, much higher than that of pure NiO (193 F g−1) and pure Ni6MnO8 (201 F g−1), and excellent charge/discharge cycle life, achieving 91.9% capacitance retention after 1000 cycles.



This work was financed by National Natural Science Foundation of China (11374013, 11404001, 51502002, 51602002), Outstanding young talent fund of Anhui Province (J05201424) and International cooperation project of Anhui provincial department of Science and Technology (1704e1002209).


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  • Ruirui Hu
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  • Peng Dai
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  • Zhiman Bai
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  • Xinxin Yu
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