Microstructural and electrical transport properties of uniaxially pressed \(\text {Bi}_{1.65}\text {Pb}_{0.35}\text {Sr}_2\text {Ca}_{2.5}\text {Cu}_{3.5}\text {O}_{10+\delta }\) ceramic superconductors

  • A. Cruz-GarcíaEmail author
  • J. R. Fernández-Gamboa
  • E. Altshuler
  • R. F. Jardim
  • O. Vazquez-Robaina
  • P. MunéEmail author


We have studied the effect of the pelletization pressure on microstructural and electrical transport properties of superconducting ceramics with starting composition given by the formula \(\text {Bi}_{1.65}\text {Pb}_{0.35}\text {Sr}_2\text {Ca}_{2.5}\text {Cu}_{3.5}\text {O}_{10+\delta }\). The experimental data of electrical measurements was processed in order to obtain the weak-link resistivity, the orientation probability of the grains’ a-axes along a certain preferential direction, the slope of the linear part in the temperature dependence of the ab-planes resistivity, and the intrinsic effective anisotropy of the grains, of each sample. In contrast with the behaviour of \(\text {Bi}_{1.65}\text {Pb}_{0.35}\text {Sr}_2\text {Ca}_{2}\text {Cu}_{3}\text {O}_{10+\delta }\) ceramics, the Ca, Cu enriched samples exhibit a reduction of their effective anisotropy at sample level and weak links resistivity with increasing compacting pressures. In addition, a compacting pressure of around 488 MPa may affect considerably the electrical and structural parameters of the material. The results suggest that a combined effect of the pelletization pressure and the doping with Ca and Cu can be used to improve the electrical transport properties of these materials for technological applications.



This work was partially supported by CAPES/MES-CUBA, Project 104/10. We thank the support of R. Packard (University of California at Berkeley) and all the help by F. Calderón-Piñar and O. García-Zaldivar (Group of Ferroelectricity and Magnetism, IMRE-Physics Faculty, University of Havana). We thank Professor Arbelio Pentón Madrigal (LAE, IMRE-Physics Faculty, Havana University) for useful discussions of the X-ray difraction patterns.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Departamento de FísicaUniversidad de OrienteSantiago de CubaCuba
  2. 2.Superconductivity Laboratory and Group of Complex Systems and Statistical Physics, IMRE-Physics FacultyUniversity of HavanaHavanaCuba
  3. 3.Departamento de Física dos Materiais e Mecânica, Instituto de FísicaUniversidade de São PauloSão PauloBrazil
  4. 4.LIEES Department, IMRE-Physics FacultyUniversity of HavanaHavanaCuba

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