Investigation of the structural, magnetic and electrical properties of the Au doped YBCO superconductors

  • R. Terzioglu
  • G. Aydin
  • N. Soylu Koc
  • C. TerziogluEmail author


In this study, a systematic investigation of Au-added YBa2Cu3O7−x (YBCO) samples has been undertaken mainly to understand their structural, magnetic as well as electrical behavior. In order to get high quality of superconducting bulk samples, optimum preparation conditions have been provided. The bulk samples were produced by conventional solid state reaction method at 930 °C under the low oxygen atmosphere. The bulk samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), electron dispersive X-ray, dc electrical resistivity (ρ-T), critical current density and ac magnetic susceptibility measurements. The samples were carried out by means of powder X-ray diffraction for phase analyses, and lattice parameters, SEM for microstructure examinations. From XRD and SEM results, an increase in the intensity of main peaks and average grain size but a increase in the lattice parameter c with addition of Au in comparison with the unadded sample. In addition to this, onset-offset critical transition temperature (\({T}_{c}^{on}, {T}_{c}^{off}\)) was determined from dc electrical resistivity (\(\rho -T\)) as a function of temperature measurements. Moreover, the transition temperature (Tc) and the critical current density (Jc) are enhanced upon Au addition when compared with unadded YBCO superconductor sample. The increment of Au content decreased the transition temperature and the critical current density values. From the AC susceptibility measurements, inter-grain, intra-grain peak temperature and superconducting transition temperature were determined. The possible reasons for the observed improvements in structural, magnetic and electrical properties due to the Au addition in the YBCO samples were discussed by comparison with other studies about addition of transition metals in high temperature superconductors.


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  • G. Aydin
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  • N. Soylu Koc
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  • C. Terzioglu
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