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Investigations on synthesis, growth and physicochemical properties of semi-organic nonlinear optical crystal: l-arginine sodium nitrate


Single crystals of l-arginine sodium nitrate semiorganic nonlinear optical crystal were grown by slow evaporation process at room temperature. The single crystal X-ray diffraction study confirms that the unit cell parameters of the grown l-arginine sodium nitrate crystal. Fourier transform infrared spectrum analysis was used to identify the functional groups of the grown crystal. The thermal stability of the l-arginine sodium nitrate was determined using thermogravimetric analysis and differential thermal analysis. The linear optical property of LARSN crystal has been studied using Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy studies in the wavelength range 200–800 nm. The relative second harmonic efficiency of the l-arginine sodium nitrate compound is found to be 0.49 times that of Potassium Di-hydrogen phosphate. The mechanical property of the grown crystals was determined by Vicker’s micro hardness test and it proved the hard nature of the grown crystal. Dielectric study reveals that both dielectric constant and dielectric loss decreases with increase in frequency.

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The Corresponding author sincerely thank to University Grant Commission (UGC), New Delhi, for funding research project (Ref No: F.NO:4-4/2015-16 (MRP/UGC-SERO).

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