Preparation and characterization of a new long afterglow phosphor CaSnO3: Yb3+

  • Mingming Shi
  • Hongwei ZhaoEmail author
  • Jun ZouEmail author
  • BoBo Yang
  • Yang Li
  • Ziming Wang
  • Chengkang Chang
  • Wenbo Li


A new phosphor CaSnO3: Yb3+ was synthesized by a traditional solid-state reaction and the luminescent properties were investigated. The phosphors are well crystallized at 1200 °C. The excitation and the emission spectra show the characteristic broad of the Sn2+ ion and the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy demonstrate the existence of Sn2+ ions caused by the doping of Yb3+ ions. The CaSnO3: Yb3+ phosphor showed a typical afterglow behavior when the UV source was switched off. Thermal simulated luminescence study indicated that the persistent afterglow of CaSnO3: Yb3+ phosphor was generated by the suitable electron or hole traps which were resulted from doping the calcium stannate host with rare-earth ions (Yb3+).


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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51302171), Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (14500503300), Shanghai Municipal Alliance Program (Lm201547), Shanghai Institute of Technology Talents Scheme (YJ2014-04), Shanghai Cooperative Project (ShanghaiCXY-2013-61) and Jiashan County Technology Program (20141316).


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