Compositional dependence of electrical conduction in solution grown Zn1−xCrxSe thin films: a correlation


Zinc selenide (ZnSe) has a typical band gap of 2.7 eV suitable for window application and can easily be synthesized using a liquid phase chemical bath deposition. An attempt is made to tune its band gap and other characteristics to cope with a maxima of the solar spectrum by deliberate addition of Cr3+. ZnSe and Zn1−xCrxSe (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.35) thin films were obtained under the controlled deposition conditions (temperature = 70 °C, time = 210 min, pH = 10, etc). The compositional analysis showed Zn2+ replacement by Cr3+. The X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy revealed chemical states of the constituents Zn, Cr and Se as 2+, 3+ and 2 respectively. The electrical conductivity and thermo-power measurements in the 300–550 K temperature range showed semiconducting nature of the material and that the electrical conduction is of the n-type. The electrical conductivity is found to be increased continuously up to x = 0.05 and then decreased for further increase in x. The Hall-probe measurements also confirmed n-type conduction. The average Hall coefficient for pure ZnSe is −1.03 × 107 cm3/C whereas, it is −4.55 × 106 cm3/C for a sample with x = 0.35.

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One of the authors, PCP, is grateful for the support from University Grant Commission, New Delhi for providing financial assistance by granting Teachers Fellowship for this research work.

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  • ZnSe
  • CrSe
  • Magneto Resistance
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  • Selenosulphate