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Light weight high temperature polymer film capacitors with dielectric loss lower than polypropylene


The dielectric and high voltage performance of polymethylpentene (PMP) is investigated and compared with biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) for high power density and high temperature capacitor applications. PMP has a melting temperature that is around 60 °C higher than BOPP, while still maintaining low dielectric loss and high charge–discharge efficiency that are comparable to the latter. Furthermore, PMP is the lightest commercial thermoplastic polymer with density of 0.83 g/cm3, which is 8 % lower than BOPP (0.9 g/cm3). PMP is a promising semicrystalline dielectric material that may replace BOPP for high temperature pulsed power and power conditioning applications.

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  • Dielectric Loss
  • Semicrystalline Polymer
  • Power Conditioning
  • Equivalent Series Resistance
  • High Dielectric Loss