Organic acid precursor synthesis and environmental photocatalysis applications of mesoporous anatase TiO2 doped with different transition metal ions

  • A. E. ShalanEmail author
  • M. Rasly
  • M. M. Rashad


Mn2+ and Co2+ ions doped titania (TiO2) nanopowders were synthesized using organic acid precursor route for the first time. The results revealed that TiO2 with metal dopants were reduced grain size and increased the surface area of TiO2. The band gap energy values of doped TiO2 were higher than the pure TiO2 and show a blue shift. The photocatalytic performance of TiO2 in the degradation of the rhodamine B dye was tested. Moreover, the efficiency was enhanced by adding Mn and Co to TiO2.


TiO2 Photocatalytic Activity TiO2 Nanoparticles Pure TiO2 Undoped TiO2 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Electronic and Magnetic Materials Division, Advanced Materials DepartmentCentral Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI)Helwan, CairoEgypt
  2. 2.Institute of Materials for Electronics and Energy Technology (i-MEET)Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-NurembergErlangenGermany

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