Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

, Volume 24, Issue 9, pp 3581–3586 | Cite as

Raman and electrical studies of multiferroic BiFeO3

  • S. K. PradhanEmail author


Monophasic rhombohedral structure of BiFeO3 electroceramic is successfully synthesized by conventional solid state reaction route followed by slow step sintering schedule. Effect of sintering temperature is found to greatly influence its structural, dielectric, ferroelectric, capacitance and leakage behavior of bulk ceramic. From XRD analysis it is seen that at lower sintering temperature (750 °C) bulk BiFeO3 sample showed rhombohedral structure (R3c) along with few impurity phases, which become suppressed at higher sintering temperature and facilitates the compactness of grains and formation of dense microstructure. The leakage current and capacitive characteristic of the sample was improved significantly with increase in sintering temperature of BiFeO3 (850 °C). At higher sintering temperature, ferroelectric behavior of the sample is found to change its shape from semi elliptical lossy P–E features to a typical ferroelectric loop with improvement of its remnant as well as saturation polarization value. Raman spectra over the frequency range of 100–700 cm−1 have been systematically investigated. Besides the changes of the peak position and the line width of all modes, the prominent frequency shift, the line broadening and variation of the intensity were observed with increase in sintering temperature.


Sinter Temperature BiFeO3 Leakage Current Density Lower Wave Number Multiferroic Material 
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Author Sangram Keshari Pradhan is gratefully acknowledged the research facilities received from Institute of Materials Science, Bhubaneswar and financial support received from CSIR, New Delhi (Sanction No. 9/750 (0006)/12 EMR-I) for carrying out research work. Author also thanks to Dr. B. K. Roul, Institute of Materials Science, Bhubaneswar for his useful discussion.


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