Deformation twinning-induced single-variant ω-plates in metastable β-Ti alloys containing athermal ω-precipitates


The ω-phase in metastable β-titanium (Ti) alloys attracts great research interests owing to the metastability and the involved microstructural complexity upon straining, while the fundamental understanding on its formation mechanism is still insufficient. In this study, deformation-induced ω-plates have been systematically investigated using Ti-10 wt% Cr metastable β-Ti alloy containing athermal ω-precipitates. It is found that single-variant ω-plates form either along {332}β twin interfaces or in the twin interiors, which closely depends on twin morphologies. For the acicular β-twin, the ω-plate appears in the twin interiors accompanied by high density of parallel straight dislocations, while for the lenticular twin, the ω-plate attaches to the twin interface without the surrounding dense parallel straight dislocations. These unique formation characteristics result from local stress field induced by the twinning itself and the passive transformation of athermal ω-precipitates. It is further revealed that the passive transformation of athermal ω-precipitates dominates the formation of ω-plates inside the acicular twins, while it is the locally preferential twin thickening that promotes the ω-plates to form along the lenticular twin interfaces. These findings provide new insight into deformation-induced ω-phase transformation and the intricate deformation microstructures in metastable β-Ti alloys.

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All data generated or analyzed during this study are included in this article.


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This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51871176), Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China (2018JM5098) and the 111 Project 2.0 of China (PB2018008).

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Wei Chen designed the project and wrote the paper. K.E. Li and G.X. Yu carried out the experiments. J.Q. Ren performed the EBSD characterization. Y. Zha analyzed the data. JS provided valuable comments and suggestions for this paper. All authors contributed to discussion of the results.

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Correspondence to Wei Chen.

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