Magnetic anisotropy of the graphite nanoplatelet–epoxy and MWCNT–epoxy composites with aligned barium ferrite filler


The aim of this study was to evaluate the magnetic properties of hybrid epoxy-based composite materials with magnetic barium ferrite (BaM) and conductive carbon (multi-walled carbon nanotubes and graphite nanoplatelets) fillers. This study was performed in order to fabricate composites with uniform and aligned magnetic components of the filler. The magnetization field dependences of the composites and BaM powder were determined and analyzed using a vibrating magnetometer. Of additional concern was the filler distribution characterization by optical investigation. Coercivity of BaM/epoxy composites increases more than in 4 times in comparison with BaM powder. Composites with aligned filler reveal an anisotropy of the magnetization relative to the alignment axis. However, BaM particles retain their uniform distribution in aligned fibers, which is confirmed by a magnetic remanence-to-saturation magnetization (M(0)/M max) ratio of 0.5.

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This work was supported by the State Foundation for Basic Research of Ukraine (Grant Registration Number is 0116U002561).

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