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Effect of rolling speed on the occurrence of strain aging during and after warm rolling of a low-carbon steel


In this study, effect of rolling speed on strain aging phenomena in warm rolling of a carbon steel has been investigated. For this purpose, by using a mathematical model and predicting temperature and strain rate fields, the possibility of occurrence of dynamic strain aging during the warm rolling was first evaluated. In the next stage, warm-rolled samples were aged up to 11 months at room temperature for studying the kinetics of static strain aging, while mechanical tests as well as microstructural evolutions have been performed to determine the effect of strain aging on material behavior. The results indicate that dynamic strain aging may not occur for the employed rolling program; however, static strain aging takes place after warm rolling leading to changes in the mechanical behavior of the warm-deformed samples. In addition, by increasing rolling speed, the aging time required to achieve the maximum hardness increases.

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  • Strain Aging
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