Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp 463–468 | Cite as

Mechanical property under high dynamic loading and microstructure evaluation of a TiB2 particle-reinforced stainless steel

  • H. Nahme
  • E. LachEmail author
  • A. Tarrant


The incorporation of low density, high modulus ceramic particles into a steel matrix is a potential route to improve the mechanical performance of steels. A powder metallurgy, mechanical blending route has been adopted to produce a homogeneous distribution of TiB2 particles in a 316L stainless steel matrix. The resulting composite showed large increases in both the compression and the tensile strength when compared to the unreinforced alloy. The compression strength was measured under both quasistatic and dynamic conditions. Tensile strength was measured only under quasistatic conditions. Dynamic compression tests were performed at temperatures of 200 and 400 °C. Metallographic investigations have been performed on the specimen in the initial status and after a deformation. Fracture surfaces were studied in a scanning electron microscope to allow more detailed assessment of fracture mechanisms.


Compression Strength Shock Velocity Spall Strength TiB2 Particle Plate Impact 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Ernst-Mach-Institute, EMIFreiburgGermany
  2. 2.French-German Research Institute of Saint Louis, ISLSaint LouisFrance
  3. 3.Aerospace Metal Composites Limited, AMCFarnboroughUK

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