Characterisation of epoxy/BaTiO3 composites processed by dipping for integral capacitor films (ICF)


Polymer composites of epoxy resin and Nb2O5 doped BaTiO3 were prepared in the form of film (thickness 30–300 μm) using a dipping technique. Samples containing various amounts of ceramic filler were examined by thermal analysis and SEM analysis. Dielectric measurements were performed from 20 Hz to 1 MHz and 20 °C to 120 °C. It was found that the final materials had high permittivities increasing with the filler concentration. Electrical relaxations were assigned to interfacial phenomena due to the particles and α-relaxation because of the resin.

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This work was supported by Antorchas Foundation and National Council of Science and Technology of Argentina (CONICET) and ANPCyT/FONCyT PICT 14738 (BID 1201/OC-AR). Also it was achieved thanks to material donation from Dow Chemical Argentina due to management of Ariadna Spinelli and Alfredo Fahnle and roughness measurements by Ing. María Dolores Echeverría and Ing. Osvaldo J. Moncada from Metrology Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department (UNMdP).

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  • BaTiO3
  • Barium Titanate
  • Real Permittivity
  • Filler Amount
  • Imaginary Permittivity