Journal of Materials Science

, Volume 41, Issue 19, pp 6215–6220 | Cite as

New approach towards preparation of efficient gas diffusion-type oxygen reduction electrode

  • Jerzy P. Lukaszewicz
  • Shin Imaizumi
  • Masayoshi Yuasa
  • Kengo ShimanoeEmail author
  • Noboru Yamazoe


A novel method by combining NAC-FAS (NAnometer-sized Crystal Formation in Alcoholic Solutions) method and mechanical milling treatment was successfully applied for dispersing perovskite type oxide LaMnO3 finely on carbon support. Microscopic observation revealed that nano-sized oxide particles were dispersed fairly well in the carbon support. The gas diffusion-type electrode prepared by means of reducing number and quantity of chemicals exhibited more excellent oxygen reduction activity than the electrodes containing LaMnO3 prepared by RHP (Reverse Homogeneous Precipitation) method. It allowed current density as high as 300 mA cm−2 at −80 mV (vs. Hg/HgO) in 8 M KOH at 60 °C under air flow.


Oxygen Reduction Reverse Micelle Cathodic Polarization Carbon Support Perovskite Type Oxide 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jerzy P. Lukaszewicz
    • 1
  • Shin Imaizumi
    • 2
  • Masayoshi Yuasa
    • 2
  • Kengo Shimanoe
    • 3
    Email author
  • Noboru Yamazoe
    • 3
  1. 1.Faculty of ChemistryNicholas Copernicus UniversityTorunPoland
  2. 2.Department of Molecular and Material Sciences, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering SciencesKyushu UniversityKasuga-shi, FukuokaJapan
  3. 3.Department of Material Sciences, Faculty of Engineering SciencesKyushu UniversityKasuga-shi, FukuokaJapan

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