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Durability of alkali-activated fly ash cementitious materials

  • Advances in Geopolymer Science & Technology
  • Published:
Journal of Materials Science Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The study described in the present paper addresses the durability of alkali-activated fly ash (AAFA) cement under different conditions: specifically, cement performance is measured in a number of aggressive environments (deionized water, ASTM seawater, sodium sulphate and acidic solutions) and with respect to alkali–silica reaction-induced expansion. The chief parameters studied are: weight loss, compressive strength, variations in volume, presence of the products of degradation and microstructural changes. The results show that AAFA pastes perform satisfactorily in aggressive environments and that degradation in these materials is distinctly different from such processes in OPC paste. These mortars are also compliant with the 16-day expansion limit stipulated in ASTM standard C1260-94 on potential alkali–silica reactivity.

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This study was funded by the General Direction of Scientific Research (project BIA2004-04835). The CSIC and the European Social Fund co-financed an I3P contract (REF. 13P-PC2004L) in connection with this research. The authors wish to thank J. García and A. Gil for their assistance in the preparation of the mortar specimens.

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