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Multi-Camera Piecewise Planar Object Tracking with Mutual Information


Real-time and robust tracking of 3D objects based on a 3D model with multiple cameras is still an unsolved problem albeit relevant in many practical and industrial applications. Major problems are caused by appearance changes of the object. We present a template-based tracking algorithm for piecewise planar objects. It is robust against changes in the appearance of the object (occlusion, illumination variation, specularities). The version we propose supports multiple cameras. The method consists in minimizing the error between the observed images of the object and the warped images of the planes. We use the mutual information as registration function combined with an inverse composition approach for reducing the computational costs and get a near-real-time algorithm. We discuss different hypotheses that can be made for the optimization algorithm.

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This work has been developed in the Software Campus project CAD-VISION. CAD-VISION (Reference No: 01IS12053) is partly funded by the German ministry of education and research (BMBF) within the research programme ICT 2020.

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  • 3D object tracking
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