Complexation of zearalenone and zearalenols with native and modified β-cyclodextrins


The complexation of the oestrogenic mycotoxin zearalenone (ZEN) and its metabolites α- and β-zearalenol (ZOLs) with native β-cyclodextrins (β-CD) and modified hydroxypropyl-β-CD and dimethyl-β-CD was studied by fluorescence spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and electrospray-mass spectrometry. The formation of the inclusion complex was confirmed by NMR studies of zearalenone:β-CD solution. NMR, ESI-MS and fluorescence data are in agreement with the formation of a 1:1 complex between zearalenone and β-CD, characterized by the deep insertion of the phenolic moiety inside the cavity of the CD from its secondary side. The complexes formed between the guests and native β-CD are characterized by high stability constants (>104), as measured by fluorescence titrations.

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