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Development of a Construction Quality Supervision Collaboration System Based on a SaaS Private Cloud


In this paper, the background of the SaaS private cloud-based Construction Quality Supervision Collaboration System (CQSCS) is introduced; the current status and shortcomings of construction quality supervision are described, and methods are proposed to incorporate the novel software architecture and application models of the SaaS private cloud to strengthen construction quality supervision and management. The design and construction of the overall framework of the CQSCS were completed in the study; system functions and structure were designed and developed, such as the quality supervision unit, quality inspection unit and quality acceptance unit, whose targets are to serve construction quality supervision agencies, quality inspection agencies and units involved in on-site construction. Additionally, the new system is compared against the old system. Finally, based on the CQSCS used in Wuhan, the function system and applications of the construction quality supervision and management system are discussed, and the prospect of the wide-spread application of the designed system is speculated.

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