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Table 1 Described species of Prodontria, their type localities, known distribution and recognised threats

From: Conservation status of Prodontria (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) species in New Zealand

Prodontria species Reference Type locality Distribution Habitat Locality code* Recognised threats
capito (Broun 1909) Old Man Ra. Central Otago mountains Alpine herbfield CO Unknown
grandis Given 1964 Mt. Anglem, Stewart Isl. Mt. Anglem and Table Hill, Stewart Isl. Alpine herbfield SI Rodents are potential predators, last recorded in 1991 (McGuinness 2001)
jenniferae Emerson 1997 Southern Pisa Ra. Southern Pisa Ra., Kawerau Gorge Forest margins to subalpine CO Unknown
lewisii Broun 1904 Cromwell on sandhills of Molyneux (now Clutha) River Cromwell Chafer Nature Reserve (81 ha) Intermontane basin, windblown sand dunes CO Predators, habitat modification (McGuinness 2001)
longitarsis (Broun 1909) The Snares Isl. The Snares Isl.   Snares Unknown
matagouriae Emerson 1997 Sheldon Downs, Mackenzie Basin Ben Ohau, Twizel, Mackenzie Basin, Burkes Pass Intermontane basin shrubland MK Apparently associated and possibly dependent upon Discaria toumatou (matagouri) (McGuinness 2001)
minuta Emerson 1997 Tekapo River delta Mackenzie Basin Grassland MK Habitat modification
modesta (Broun 1909) Manorburn, Central Otago Alexandra area Intermontane basin grassland CO Habitat modification from agricultural development, wilding pine and common thyme (McGuinness 2001)
montis Emerson 1997 Rock and Pillar Ra. Rock and Pillar Ra., Lammerlaw Ra. Sub-alpine to alpine grassland/herbfield CO Unknown
patricki Emerson 1997 Dansey’s Pass Dansey’s Pass, Ida Ra., Omarama Saddle Sub-alpine grassland CO Unknown
pinguis Given 1952 Hector Mts Hector Mts., Mt Tennyson Sub-alpine grassland CO Unknown
praelatella (Broun 1909) Invercargill (Greenhills) Coastal Southland and Stewart Isl. Coastal dune vegetation SL, SI Unknown
rakiurensis Emerson 1997 Table Hill, Stewart island Table Hill, Mt Rakeahua Sub-alpine to alpine grassland/herbfield SI Unknown
regalis Emerson 1997 Crown Ra. Crown Ra., Mt. Cardrona, Pisa Ra. Alpine herbfield CO Unknown
setosa Given 1952 Hunter Mts Hunter Mts. Unknown FD Unknown
truncata Given 1960 Lake Monowai Mt. Burns Unknown FD Unknown
sp. ‘Five Rivers’ Near Five Rivers, Southland Plains Found in pasture SL May be extinct; habitat modification
  1. *(Crosby et al. 1976)