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Simon Lohse and Thomas Reydon (Eds.): Grundriss Wissenschaftsphilosophie. Die Philosophien der Einzelwissenschaften

Meiner, Hamburg, 2017, 658 pp, €78.00, ISBN: 9783787329861
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Book review

Who is reading compendia on the philosophy of science? The pessimistic answer is: only those who later want to write such compendia themselves. It would be bad if that applied also to the present comprehensive volume on the philosophies of the special sciences, as the editors broke new ground.

The traditional picture of philosophy of science has been marked by a development that started 100 years ago and was heavily influenced by Logical Empiricism’s understanding of science. The shortcomings of this kind of philosophical treatment of the sciences are analyzed by the editors Simon Lohse and Thomas Reydon in their introduction as well as by Meinard Kuhlmann in a second introductory article on the relation between general philosophy of science and the philosophy of the special sciences. Put simply: traditional philosophy of science started out with general philosophical theories (especially from logic and epistemology), has been fixated for a long time on theories and laws within the...



I would like to thank Jürgen Schröder for the translation into English.

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