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Theory-Ladenness Special Issue: Introduction

  • Ioannis VotsisEmail author
  • Michela TaccaEmail author
  • Gerhard SchurzEmail author
Special Section Article: Theory-Ladenness

Are sensory experiences, perceptual beliefs and observation reports faithful encoders of truthful information about the world? The theory-ladenness thesis poses an important challenge to answering this question in the affirmative. Roughly the thesis holds that theoretical factors affect the content of those experiences, beliefs and reports. In other words, it holds that their content is laden with theory. Theoretical factors here are construed broadly so as to include scientific theories, beliefs and cognitive processes. Two crucial questions arise in relation to the theory-ladenness thesis. First, how pervasive is theory-ladenness? And, second, what is the extent of the distortion theory-ladenness has on the content of experiences, perceptual beliefs and observation reports? If theory-ladenness is not only pervasive, i.e. if it affects the majority of experiences, perceptual beliefs and observation reports, but also highly distortive way then those experiences, beliefs and reports...


Perceptual State Perceptual Judgment Perceptual Belief Rival Theory Cognitive Penetration 
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