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Conference on the Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2011

  • Julie ZahleEmail author
  • Finn Collin

The conference on the philosophy of the social sciences took place at the University of Copenhagen on August 25 and 26, as the first of a series of two conferences on the philosophy of the social sciences held at this venue. The next conference will take place in the autumn of 2012.

The conference was organized by Julie Zahle and Finn Collin of the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. There were four keynote speakers: Patrick Beart (University of Cambridge), Harold Kincaid (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Mark Risjord (Emory University), and Mark Turner (Case Western Reserve University). In addition, there were ten presenters: Brian Epstein (Tufts University), Learry Gagné (University of Alberta), Mattia Gallotti (University of Aarhus), Inkeri Koskinen (University of Helsinki), Jaakko Kuorikoski (University of Helsinki), Carlo Martini (Tilburg University), Christian Neuhäuser (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Andras Szigeti (Central European...


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