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Hernán Pringe: Critique of the Quantum Power of Judgement. A Transcendental Foundation of Quantum Objectivity

Kantstudien Ergänzungshefte 154. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York, 2007, 250 pp, ISBN 978-3-11-019611-5, 68,00 €
  • Peter MittelstaedtEmail author
Book Review

Physics in the twentieth century is characterised by two new theories, the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory. In both fields, we observe remarkable deviations from the fundamental concepts of classical Newtonian physics that exceed clearly the modifications of existing theories within the framework of the usual developments in science. In the history of science these modifications are, according to Thomas Kuhn, also called “revolutions”, since they differ obviously from the continuous alterations of scientific theories in “normal sciences”.

With respect to these somewhat complicated and not fully analysed situations it is not surprising that the new theories were interpreted according to quite different philosophical and epistemological approaches. Empiricism, positivism, operationalism and instrumentalism were the most important tools for understanding the meaning of the new theories. After a certain consolidation of the new theories, several authors tried also to take into...

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